Omg! The Best Workout Ever!

As summer approaches, you want to get back to sport and feel better in your body. You are already doing regular physical activity but you are often affected by injuries.

You have a pushups competition in approach, you want to prepare yourself well and you give the means to succeed. This article will interest you because each one of you can benefit from this training.

What is functional training?

Functional training, also called functional training or fitness training, can be defined as a complete and dynamic workout that aims to improve the movement and functioning of the body.

It helps to fight against injuries, increase its potential (both physical and mental) and improve its health in everyday life.

His practice will strengthen and soften the body as a whole.

Functional training includes a wide range of exercises that can be practiced with or without equipment, both indoors and outdoors.

The goal is to develop the body in a natural and harmonious way.

He has his origins in the method of physical and moral education of Georges Hebert, known as Hebertism. The latter was an officer in the French Navy and responsible for training riflemen.

His method can be classified in 10 categories:

  • Walking which is the basic exercise
  • The race
  • Jumps
  • To climb it (like push- ups)
  • Quadruped (all possible exercises in support of the 4 members like the pumps and many others)
  • Lift and wear
  • Balance
  • The throws
  • Swimming
  • Natural defense (by boxing and wrestling)

These ten families of exercises develop essential physical qualities such as strength, endurance, speed , coordination or flexibility (flexibility).

They are currently found in obstacle courses. You’ve probably heard about outdoor events open to everyone like Mud Day.

To say that there are many advantages to practice this type of training. Especially since the results will be felt quickly.

In contrast, we have the analytical training that relies on strengthening a muscle or a muscle group in isolation. This is particularly the case when one works exclusively on machines in a gym (for the quadriceps, biceps, chest). I do not say that this powerlifting training is to proscribe but it will be more useful to recover after injury or immobilization.